point to the calender
2008-11-19 18:19:18 ET

Today is my 3rd anniversary. Yes. It may seem shocking but the husband has survived three years already. Do not worry though, I have promised to be the death of him.

2008-11-19 18:47:24 ET


and huzzah for cogs.

2008-11-19 18:52:54 ET

I found the cogs in an online comic I like : girlgenius.net
cogs are pretty

2008-11-19 19:03:18 ET

will you hate me if i make em tesselate and send you the pix0r cause i yam graphics nazi? lol

2008-11-19 19:11:38 ET

save and use that one instead if you want the background to mesh together without seems better. it'll look spiffy, promise!

2008-11-20 02:51:51 ET


2008-11-20 04:30:40 ET

Thanks Drake

and thank you turbo, it does look spiffy

2008-11-20 05:30:40 ET

no problem. i loveth teh gimp!

oh and i'll respond to your pm response after i've actually gotten some sleep again ;-P

2008-11-20 08:57:47 ET


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