not sure what to say
2009-02-23 14:57:57 ET

American culture seems to insist that everything should be all about me. I should have every chance to have things my way, obtain my dreams, be happy.

I mean it sounds good; but what would my day look like if I didn't spend so much of it consumed with what I want? I have a sinking suspicion that the voice in my head that tells me how miserable I am and reminds me of what a screw up I have been, will probably diminish in equal proportion as my self obsession.

2009-02-23 20:15:48 ET

i've been contemplating this a lot lately too but it's not exactly a new thing for me to contemplate. my life is a story of frustration with how stupidly selfish people are and then how much they try to constantly justify it.

2009-02-24 05:07:09 ET

I believe one shouldn't spend so much of her day consumed with what she wants. While she tries to pursue her dreams, she shouldn't become consumed. Though many hate to admit it, deviating from the "me! me! ME!" philosophy (the aformentioned "American culture") and toward the benefit of others (i.e. a socialistic ideal) is not a bad trait for one to embrace. If she concentrates all efforts on only herself and she fails, there's no community to back her up and support her failure while she gets back on her feet.

I think the key is achieving that balance. She should look out for herself while still helping others achieve their dreams and aspirations.

2009-02-24 09:28:17 ET

I don't feel I am specifically self absorbed. Lately though with job lay offs and changes in ability to support ourselves, alot of time has been aimed at figuring out what to do next. How do we make life easier? I have known for a long time that life was never suppose to be easy, but there is this pressure from many sides, including within... "to get my act together".

I am tired of struggling to survive.

This is the self obsession, the constant lingering on what I want that I am speaking of.

2009-02-24 09:44:18 ET

a quote that is sampled in babyland's song "mindfuck" comes to mind - "we just want you to do what we believe". its amazing in our culture that selfishness is not only a driving force that most people seem to embrace and justify, but also encourage and push onto others. "live your life how i think you should. take care of yourself" etc. we have this big great lie that is 'self-reliance' and 'self-sufficiency' when in actuality in both nature and human nature, neither of those things exist. everything is co-existent and co-dependent - especially our nature. why we compulsively try to encourage and feed a system that is based on the idea that we all must be self-sufficient, a system that could not possibly exist without this co-dependent and mass-thought aspect of our inherent human nature creating it in the first place, is and always has been completely and utterly ludicrous. it's no wonder we're the prozac nation that bombs people we disagree with. it's disgusting.

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