silly machines
2009-04-19 19:28:03 ET

My sewing machine is not acting right.

I am a little mechanically inclined.. this hints at a temptation to take the thing apart and try to fix it myself... But I love my machine. le sigh... Perhaps I will pick up some cheap sewing machine at a garage sale this summer and teach myself how to fix one on that. Until then.. I'll be patient enough to find a sewing machine Dr.

I could try to make button holes on my serger but that is asking for trouble. The shirt I was making will have to wait.

Someday I will have to buy a really good and expensive machine. My refurbished white is a good girl but she does not compare to my mom's Bernina.

2009-04-19 19:55:06 ET

shoot it!

2009-04-19 19:58:02 ET

Firing rounds into it may make me feel better for the moment but the machine is not in any misery to be freed from and having an even more broken machine would cause me more headache. Besides you can't kill it like it's a horse that went lame.

2009-04-19 22:32:13 ET

sure you can! you can kill everything! in the face!

2009-04-20 04:30:32 ET

I'm told the old ones are what you really want. Expensive though. Hope it gets fixed for a resonable cost.

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