all in one day
2009-04-24 07:05:07 ET

Having one day off a week makes me appreciate the day. then I get frustrated in indecision over how the time should be spent. In just me time, or should I also do things like clean the bathrooms?

I have sooo many projects to work on. I am knitting a purse for my mom, a hat for my husband, I am working on a drawing of something inspired by the story of mary of bethany, I have taught my self to shuttle tatt lace, so that work is laying there calling to be finished. I have some fabric that has assigned patterns and I have to have find somewhere to have the machine repaired.

And house work calls. I can never seem to not have laundry to do. and I need to bake bread for the week. I should sweep and mop all tile an linoleum in my house today..

On top of this: an Art show devoted to social injustice; to the education of the public and support of nonprofits (that husband has work showing in), is tonight. They own my soul from about 5pm on.

well. Time to make waffles. we shall see what gets done today.

2009-04-24 10:49:13 ET

i want waffles!

2009-04-26 17:46:52 ET

waffles will be made for you next time you stop by nashville. It will be the least I could do.

2009-04-26 19:07:16 ET

heh...i'll keep that in mind d-;

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