2009-06-04 17:09:57 ET

So I just made dinner for a kid I met at my church who had lived in the house I am currently in, about 7 years ago. He sat in my kitchen with my acoustic guitar and told me charming tales of pranks he played on his older sister's boyfriend and tried to count how many pets he had while living there.

He was happy to see the changes we made. He said it was the last place he lived with his family all together.

This house will go to another Family in about a week. Or so my realtor is saying.

I have a week to find another place to live. How did it take so long to sell the house and at the same moment be not enough time for me to relocate?

But really, Dinner was fun

2009-06-04 17:21:30 ET

visit LA d-;

2009-06-05 03:54:14 ET

sure. I have a week to move but.. Ill just pop on over to LA And try to find a house there for less than 100k. Cool idea ;)

2009-06-05 13:01:07 ET

of course! d-;

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