I am the worst sister ever
2009-07-04 19:25:40 ET

I forgot my sisters birthday. it was four days ago.

2009-07-04 21:58:26 ET

oddly, this entry is comforting d-:

2009-07-05 06:15:38 ET

Is it that I have revealed myself as imperfect person... or that I forgot to send you your cookies? They will be sent btw. You just seem to not be in LA.

2009-07-05 07:18:41 ET

That's why the word "belated" was invented. That's right, in 1931, an American professor from the University of Chicago forgot his wife's birthday, so he spent about a week of trial and error, and eventually stumbled upon one of the greatest inventions of the 20th century, that is the word: "Belated"

2009-07-05 09:53:48 ET

Its just that I have never done that before. She will be getting her 'belated' present sometime next week after I figure out what to get her.

2009-07-05 11:16:02 ET

comforting that i'm not the only one losing my mind enough to forget things like that d-;

and it's ok...i had momentarily forgotten about the cookies myself <3 i'll be back in LA as of the 9th.

2009-07-05 12:56:53 ET

ah yes. it is comforting to know that other people are disorganized and distracted

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