He thinks I am lazy
2009-12-12 10:37:43 ET

But I can't tell him the "nothing" I was doing, was knitting him a pirate skulls and swords hat for christmas.

2009-12-12 11:39:47 ET

i know that feeling well. ::grin::

2009-12-12 13:44:28 ET

double knit takes soo much time

2009-12-12 15:44:51 ET

one time i knit myself a real working airplane and flew to france.

true story.

2009-12-12 16:11:02 ET

... the story could of used some monkeys.

2009-12-12 16:40:04 ET

i am knitting a sock monkey hat (woot, short rows!), does that count?

2009-12-12 16:42:00 ET

does it fit on my real working airplane?

2009-12-12 16:42:37 ET

it fits on your real working head.

2009-12-12 16:43:45 ET

oh, so it's a penis cozy then.

2009-12-12 16:46:15 ET

no, not small enough for that. ::giggle::

2009-12-12 16:46:56 ET

aw. yeah i am pretty tiny. :frown:

2009-12-12 16:48:01 ET

no frowning. nobody could fit your penis if your penis fit in the hat. and then you'd be shit outta luck.

2009-12-12 16:48:31 ET

hehe you said penis and shit and hat.

2009-12-13 08:30:59 ET

The sock monkey hat does put a little more interest in the plane story, and I second Trish's fact about it not being a good thing to have a penis the size of an adult cranium.

2009-12-13 14:57:10 ET

what if it's a really tiny adult?

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