2004-05-03 15:52:16 ET

Well, this weekend, Allysia's mom went to europe. And before she left, she told me to get all my stuff and move in over here. So of course I ran back home, got my things, and came back. So I'm officially living with my girlfriend. Yay. Also, I have a child now. I bought a Ball Python with a cage for 75 dollars today. He's so fucking cute. <3

2004-05-03 18:02:30 ET


2004-05-03 19:20:08 ET

Most excellent for you, sah!

2004-05-15 15:49:38 ET

Ball Pythons are awesome....my friend dylan had one, I <3ed it

2004-05-15 23:05:06 ET

I <3 you Xani...

Remember, girls may come and go, but pythons will stick by you.


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