Sigh.. gimme
2004-08-03 06:14:54 ET

I think someone needs to trade their vagina for my penis with me for at least one day. Please? I'll love you forever. I'm sure with the marvels of science it will be possible. God.. so horny.. Meh!

2004-08-03 06:19:24 ET

yeah being horny without any way of release.. is positively horrid

2004-08-03 06:20:41 ET

yes, its a DEAL!

2004-08-03 06:31:23 ET

I've always wanted to have a dick for just one day.

2004-08-03 06:35:50 ET

damn, I really wish it were possible with science right now. You'd all be having my penis for a day. That'd be great, then I could have a vagina for THREE DAYS and not just ONE!!! I dramed I had one once actually, and I was like.. OH MY GOD.. I have a VAGINA! someone... someone FUCK ME QUICKLY! Of course, they did, and it was...good... I was happy. Then I woke up :(

2004-08-03 06:37:34 ET

chances are, it'd be really bad.

2004-08-03 06:40:05 ET

Why would it be really bad?! I'd kill for my vagina!

2004-08-03 06:40:24 ET

I dunno. I really like having a vagina, even if does mean periods and rather painful sex and stuff. It's fun to have.

2004-08-03 06:44:10 ET

And I hate having a penis. sex change for free! Whine. Hell, I'd love ot get a sex change, and just.. er... not take hormones for other things. har. I'd be a perfect hybrid. I should go into genetic engineering methinks.

2004-08-03 06:59:41 ET

I'll trade you too...if you get 3 more people you'll have a vagina for a week.

And once I trade you...I really can rape you!

2004-08-03 19:23:59 ET

*puts mad scientist skills to use*
er..i mean.. yeah that'd be great

2004-08-03 19:25:12 ET

You're a mad scientist too? Awesome. I'm thinking about going into genetic engineering just for my idea of a male/female hybrid that's fully asexual.

2004-08-03 19:26:03 ET

I'm already in genetics... want a lab assistant? hehe

2004-08-03 19:30:52 ET

Ooer. Are you really? Is it fun? I so have to go to your college then!!! Sign on aim. Yes, I want a lab assistant!

What more could I ask for? Beautiful evil mad scientist lab partner? Damn, we'd rule the world in no time.

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