Me = bad
2004-08-21 16:42:06 ET

Yeah yeah, I've been bad. I just got back from the store with a buncha smirnoff. mm.. Triple black. I've been meaning to get drunk for quite a while now. Ahhhh how I love alcohol.

2004-08-21 17:12:10 ET

That's gross buddy. Just don't turn into a stinky drunken mess!

2004-08-21 17:19:13 ET

Dude.. I can't. I'm such a light weight. I haven't drank in a looooong time. I've got a hell of a buzz from one smirnoff!

2004-08-21 17:24:03 ET


2004-08-21 17:56:28 ET

ooh...smirnoff ice...mmhhhmmm...

2004-08-21 18:11:14 ET

Actually.. triple black. Woops. Isn't this supposed to be a chick drink or some shit? Some redneck weirdo told me that. I laughed in his face and just said it tasted good.

2004-08-21 19:13:14 ET

lol...they are both good...

2004-08-21 19:22:16 ET

Yep they sure are. I'm on number 4 right now I think. 4 or 5. I really don't remember. Doesn't matter though, does it? ehehee. I'm almoooooooost drunk.

2004-08-21 19:31:52 ET

yay !! go xani go !

2004-08-21 20:10:03 ET

Yeah like.. drunk me = drunk. Or something.. very drunk... Yum.. this stuff is osooooooo gooood.. I don't kno who you how I could live without alchool. Mmm.

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