2004-08-24 05:15:18 ET

My penis is bleeding! I love mishaps with sharp sharp sharp razors. Not like any of you needed to hear this, but I thought I'd announce it to the world.

2004-08-24 05:16:52 ET

I have felt your pain. I didn't announce it to the world though, just people within three blocks of me heard the screams.

2004-08-24 05:23:05 ET

well, it doesn't really hurt. But it might sting sometime.

2004-08-24 05:24:59 ET

be careful with that thing, hon. You'll need it for a while, yet.

2004-08-24 05:37:21 ET


yeah uhmmm.... you may want to avoid doing that again.

Theres really only one thing that bleeds worse than a head wound.....

2004-08-24 05:41:24 ET

Need it? Psh. I don't need it!

2004-08-24 05:53:49 ET

Whoa buddy.

2004-08-24 06:11:47 ET

yeah...be careful with that...no matter what the media lead you to believe they can't be that easy to re-attach..

2004-08-24 06:14:05 ET

hahaha. It's only a few little cuts and scarring and stuff. Yeah, I HAVE A SCARRED COCK. WOOT

2004-08-24 06:18:09 ET

well they say scars add character...

2004-08-24 06:22:29 ET

AHH!! thats why i never make a guy shave anytrhing, im sure everything gets cut and bleeds everywhere.

2004-08-24 06:30:54 ET

I love all my scars. They're reminders not to do the same stupid shit evewr again!

2004-08-24 06:36:44 ET

yeah, that's not an understatement. I probably cut that region about 6 times a day. I shave it every day, and always bleed little bits here and there.

2004-08-24 06:37:42 ET

.... do you use a str8 blade razor or what?

2004-08-24 06:48:08 ET

Eh. I use a shick quatro :P

2004-08-24 06:48:58 ET

ah. ok. I like mah mach 3. I haven't cut anything with it.

2004-08-24 06:50:30 ET

This thing is sharp. So very very sharp. Makes the mach 3 look like one of those boring generic orange razors.

2004-08-24 13:13:12 ET

Duct tape: it works wonders

2004-08-24 13:25:09 ET

now see the klemmy trims. Cuz the idea of razor burns on Lil' klemmy isn't something i really really want to go through. Thus, the electric side burn trimmer. Short hair is better than bush or bleeding with no hair.

2004-08-25 05:10:50 ET

Zuni that sounds like a really painful way to wax...

2004-08-25 12:11:29 ET

anything at all like waxing is painful...

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