2004-08-25 20:44:09 ET

I got laid tonight. Yep, my first time with a guy. Mmm.. It was kind of awkward, but it had its moments. I feel special now.

God I was so nervous, that was a first. I felt like some virgin teenager!

2004-08-25 22:33:28 ET

*claps you on the back* Good show.

2004-08-25 22:38:22 ET

was it fun stuff?!

2004-08-25 23:30:27 ET

was he cute?

2004-08-26 03:16:36 ET

Wait a minute. I thought you told me before that you HAD been with a guy. I'm so confused.

2004-08-26 05:02:43 ET

I've never done what I did last night. Never went to full penetration with a guy. That's what I mean. I don't consider oral sex as being sex. So... Yeah.

2004-08-26 05:29:27 ET

what the gay, why didnt you TELL ME LAST NIGHT

2004-08-26 05:32:00 ET

Last night? I came home and fell asleep pretty much. :)

2004-08-26 12:04:24 ET

::gives Matt a gold star::

2004-08-26 18:19:31 ET

Ohh.. well I must have totally misunderstood.

2004-08-27 07:02:43 ET

u waited this long till ur first time?

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