2004-09-20 19:25:56 ET

Yo people. I got new clothes the other day... Oh my god I love them. The middle gallery is the new one. I'm all dressered up, hope you like! Tell me watcha think.

2004-09-20 19:48:43 ET

you look beautiful xani.... your hair is gorgeous too !

2004-09-21 11:44:07 ET

<-wishes he had long Fabio-esque hair like Matt

2004-09-21 11:58:56 ET

You look about ready to kick some corporate ass

2004-09-21 14:28:57 ET

*laughs at Klemmy* What? No tie? lol.

2004-09-21 18:18:29 ET

your hair is prettier than mine..this makes me kind of sad

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