Rate me damn it!
2004-09-24 09:43:58 ET


Gimme good numbers and I'll love you.

2004-09-24 10:02:48 ET


Ten for that sculpture.

2004-09-24 10:29:52 ET

Consider yerself rated :)

2004-09-24 10:44:16 ET

You should have stood up tall and straight. I gave a good number but I won't tell what it is. :P

2004-09-24 10:50:28 ET

My head is a little bent over.. I realize this yes. I didn't mean to do that though unfortunately. Meh

2004-09-24 12:42:15 ET

i rated u...u big beefcake muffin of studlyness...

2004-09-24 13:24:42 ET

wow. I'm feeling the love, and its not even directed at me ;)

2004-09-24 14:05:36 ET

Shit ya'll will have to rate me again later, because the photo hasn't been accepted yet I don't think.

2004-09-24 14:10:44 ET

lol, doh!

2004-09-24 15:33:47 ET

Oh, it seems to be working now.

2004-09-24 15:54:29 ET

damn yooooooou

2004-09-25 05:28:29 ET

o_0 Mew?

2004-09-25 14:35:08 ET


2004-09-26 08:20:36 ET

Femmorpheus, u got a 9 from the klemmy.

2004-09-26 13:45:23 ET

whee, shanks!! Some shmuck head gave me a 1...I wanna go rate them, humph ;)

2004-09-26 14:33:55 ET

you're a fine lady, u get high score :)

2004-09-27 10:07:55 ET

yippie! ego strokes are faboo :)

2004-09-27 10:08:25 ET

yes, yes they are... plz stroke my ego i always tell ppl.

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