Fuck, just fuck
2004-09-30 20:11:28 ET

So yeah. I have to move yet again. My roommates found out I'm bisexual, and wrote that shit on my window. We had a talk earlier, and I was just like... Hey, you know, if there's going to be a problem, I leave. So yeah, now I've got to gather all my shit and find a new apartment in this miserable complex. I really really really don't like people at the moment.

2004-09-30 20:19:26 ET

Not all people are heterosexist... just really dumb ones... and I don't like those ones either. *HUGS*

2004-09-30 20:20:30 ET

It mkes me wonder why housing departments don't do a better job of placing people on so many campuses. We've had similar problems here at the campus I work at.

2004-09-30 20:22:11 ET

Good luck finding a new place, sweetheart. Good for you for taking a stand on who you are and just getting the hell out of there.
You don't want people like that in your space anyway.

2004-09-30 20:29:47 ET

What about the guy you thought it was?


*giggles and runs away*
You better know I'm just bugging you!

2004-09-30 21:59:08 ET

The guy I thought it was? Well, we almost got into a fight earlier tonight. I picked up a metal chair and was jabbing it at him. Broke some of his stuff, too. He didn't realize it though.

2004-09-30 22:01:00 ET

wooo... pretty wild... sounds like a prick... i'd never wanna kick someone out for bein' different... screw that.. if i did that... then God knows i wouldn't have a chance with anyone

2004-09-30 22:08:47 ET

Oh man, that sucks hun, I'm sorry. Dude, people can be such prudes sometimes. Good luck finding the perfect roommate! They are out there, you just have to find them!

2004-10-01 02:16:24 ET

<-agrees with everyone who posted...cept warped, he's just a loveable nut...<BR>
yeah, it's hard to get the right combo when u have roommates/neighbors/whathaveu

2004-10-01 06:40:17 ET

wtf? thats just not cool. People need to be a touch more open minded

2004-10-01 10:00:53 ET

Y'know what we need? An SK classifieds page. See if there's someone on SK that might live near you that needs a roommate. Hell, if you lived in Cali and I had a need for one, you'd bet I'd consider it.
Don't worry, hun... you'll find someone better and more comfortable to live with. I'm actually really relieved you're leaving.

2004-10-01 10:05:27 ET

that would be a good idea...but i think M0xie doesn't have the funds to do so....we'd all get bumped up to paying every month but for stuff like a classifieds that aint bad...

2004-10-01 10:11:01 ET

I think it'd be neat. Oh, you know what else would be cool... a map. A big world map of where everyone is. Have like, little dots on it and when you click on the dots, it would pull up the pages for people in that area.
LOL.. yeah again, money.
But I do think an SK swapmeet or classifieds page would really be awesome. WE almost all have some kind of thing we do that could make us money that we could sell... ceramics, music, paintings, crafts... things like that.
*sigh* yeah, it'd be cool!

2004-10-01 10:24:17 ET

.... SKBay! woo! I like that idea.

2004-10-01 10:27:00 ET

I think it could totally work. But I realize it most likely would cost Mox more money, which would not be cool.. but I think perhaps some arrangement of payment could be made... just like in a paper. If you'd like to post something on a classifides page, you pay a certian amount a month to keep your advertisement up.
That sounds reasonable, right?

2004-10-01 10:32:12 ET

skbay...ur on to something there Sub...copywrite it quick!
yea, it's more of maintence and upkeep. This site is rather crude so adding more to it would make Mox have to hire ppl and what have u....

2004-10-01 10:33:20 ET

THat entry has a time and date stamp. Thats a poor mans copyrite!

he wouldn't neccesarily have to hire people. Do you know how many very compentent computer peeps are on here?

2004-10-01 10:51:16 ET


that is very true...i'd have to not participate in such things cuz my puter skillz are slowly going down the drain....

2004-10-01 10:53:57 ET

I wonder If my company would mind If I gave Moxie a free web server =P

2004-10-01 10:57:22 ET

if did a clandestine operation and didn't tell ur company, i think they'd mind once they figure one is missing...

2004-10-01 11:01:02 ET

I think to pull that off you would need to be armed.... heavily

2004-10-01 11:02:04 ET

hmmm...could just happen to "accidentially" send him a fully equipped server that was supposed to go to Joe's Porno-imporium.

2004-10-01 11:03:45 ET

hmmmm yeah... airborne express can be blamed for alot of issues

2004-10-01 11:04:55 ET

<-works at UPS...i know how things go...also, the words FRAGILE have no meaning to us ;)

2004-10-01 11:08:18 ET

So if you get a 100lbs box with the words IBM and Fragile on it that means nothing to you?

2004-10-01 11:12:37 ET

pretty much. Well, it means something to me, to the others, no. We're on a schedule u kno. time limit and what have u.

2004-10-01 11:14:43 ET

That would explin the state some of our packages arrive in.

Do you know that Computers are entirely useless until they're dry and we remove all the road salt >=O

2004-10-01 11:17:17 ET

lol... well some of the customers ship their materials so securely, i'd have to throw them off the truck and be ran over to hurt them...

2004-10-01 11:20:57 ET

I've safely shipped 21 inch monitors in 17 in monitor boxes. I am good at packing so nothing has been TOO broken to use but man, airborne abused one of our PC's so hard the hard Drive rails broke and the HD busted out the front of the case and was in the bottom of the box

2004-10-01 11:22:49 ET

i've heard of ppl shipping hds with out any thing AROUND the hd, so they were basicially screwed up once they reached their destination...my sampler looks like it's intact and it came all the way from NYC to here thru UPS.

2004-10-01 11:24:21 ET

No offense but I've found FedEx to be the best at shipping things safely and in a timely manner

2004-10-01 11:25:27 ET

i really dont care. less work for me to do;)

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