2004-10-11 21:16:51 ET

Well, I'm rather full right now. bored with things in general. Been being bad lately I have. Drugs and stuff. My friend has adhd medicine, and the other night I was smoking a few pills of it. Then his girlfriend breaks up with him, and he punches a door and breaks his hand. He gets loratabs or however ya spell em, and I took like 10 of them in a single day. Oops! Then.... Last night I got a methadone pill from a friend. Oh god that stuff is fun, then completely fucks up your day by making you itch and sleep non stop.

Other than that, life is just life. It keeps going and going and going. Wahoo.

2004-10-11 21:21:12 ET


2004-10-11 21:22:05 ET

yeah...i never knew u could smoke ANY adhd med...that's gotta be a weird high...

2004-10-12 08:22:44 ET

No, honestly, it's not a weird high at all. When you burn concerta, it smells just like cocaine, and gives you a high a little bit more powerful. It's amazing. Great substitute. Well, except I no longer crave cocaine, I want concerta. Heheh.

2004-10-12 09:45:27 ET

Wahoo indeed, adhd gives all sorts of wierd meds, eh?

2004-10-12 11:30:38 ET

considering it's a close chemical structure to ampethamines, i'd see why u're addicted.... just the idea of feeling imaginary bugs crawling on me and the possiblty after long term exposure to have schizephrenia kinda puts me off the idea of getting high of that shit.

2004-10-12 14:39:16 ET

I don't know what to say without sounding mommylike, so be careful ok?

2004-10-13 06:56:00 ET

ya be careful. some of that stuff can kill you. and ya if you are sucesptable (sp?) to Schizophrenia, you can get it.. slowly.

thats why i cant do that stuff.

2004-10-13 14:32:29 ET


2004-10-14 10:41:26 ET

drugs are bad m'kay?

2004-10-14 13:56:57 ET

Mr. Hat says drugs are bad too. And he should know since he just came out of a three month coke binge.

2004-10-17 02:33:27 ET

Drugs are bad just look at that crazy employer of yours,luv

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