Fuck America, Fuck Bush, and Fuck you.
2004-11-03 00:22:24 ET

This election is so lame, and this country is full of fucking idiots. If any of you voted for bush in this election should be raped by a man with a 20 inch penis, then beaten nearly to death.

In other news, all states that had the gay marriage on the ballot banned it. Poor gay people who wanna get married :( But seriously. This country has gone to shit. So much for being the greatest country in the world.

2004-11-03 03:18:20 ET

I dunno about the bush supporters being raped, but they should definately check his policies again. I was thinking--Roe vs. Wade really was stupid, so its handy that it will probably be over turned in the next four years or so, assuming Ohio goes the way everyone is figuring it will. The world is rapidly becoming a more frightening place...and its starting here in America.

2004-11-03 03:19:52 ET

oops, sorry, browser being evil :P

2004-11-03 05:50:16 ET

awww well you gays can come to my state and still get hitched.

And bush supporters should be given IQ tests and if they are reasonably intelligetn they should be reconditioned. otherwise then yeah... tehy should be raped with a 20 inch penis and then beaten nearly to death.... with the penis =P

2004-11-03 07:12:33 ET

Hehehe... you spelled intelligent wrong. That's awesome.

Mr. 20 inch should be wearing a studded iron casing, too.

All those people who voted for a minority... must feel so insignificant, barely registering like that.

2004-11-03 10:29:40 ET

Eh, I wasn't planning on ever marrying a dude. But it's not fair to those who would want to.

2004-11-03 10:30:16 ET

oh I didn't really mean you specifically but uhh yeah

2004-11-03 10:31:05 ET

I really wanna know what's on that Bin Laden tape. I bet it was all, If you americans vote for bush you will DIE! Know where I can find out what it said?

2004-11-03 10:32:58 ET

actually it said
"I'm currently residing at bethesda naval hospital receiveing regular dialysis and being guarded by the CIA. they just have me release these vidoes occasionally so you think al quaeda is still a threat"

2004-11-03 14:43:55 ET

Ohio banned not only gay marriage but civil unions for both gays and heterosexual folks. I'm sure glad I don't live in that state.

Bush supporters should be subjected to violent images while listening to Bush's voice...like in A Clockwork Orange, only with his voice replacing the classical music.

2004-11-04 05:02:27 ET

not just his voice... but the dumbass misstatements he makes (I understand small business growth. I used to be one.)

2004-11-04 05:28:50 ET

What is civil union ? I thought my english was pretty good, but that one made me wonder.. I have an idea of what it may be though, jugding by the context.
Is it when unmarried couples live together and have children etc ?

2004-11-04 05:31:14 ET

ha thats a pretty good question i'm not 100% sure myself. let me look it up for me and you

2004-11-04 05:33:29 ET

hmmm apparently it IS a marriage as people involved in civil unions are granted all the same rights as married people. this mayt be a legal term jsut to please all those "marriage is sacred" assholes


2004-11-04 08:10:44 ET

Ah, oki. We have the same thing in Norway as well, just wanted to be sure I didn't misinterpret things :)
Thanks a lot for the answer!

2004-11-04 08:31:49 ET

np =)

2004-11-04 08:54:11 ET

on the whole civil union thing...a marriage is a term for a religious acknowledgement, not the actual legal aspects..in that respect everyon has a civil union...that is why the government has no right to deal with marraige either way...seperation of church and state...it can't outlaw it, neither can it force it into being...the religious institutions must decide on their own...all that the government should be able to do is inforce the legality of a civil union...which is why so many gay couple get handfasted in a pagan ceremony, because it is a viable religious rite that spiritually validates their union....which is why all the hooplah involving the government, trying to make the government force religious institutions to recognize their unions(remember the whole civil unions aren't good enough slogans) they actually made it worse on themselves...now they have the whole country believing that they can make that descion to outlaw or accept marraiges, not civil unions...and they have lost rights in the bargain...which is why letting un or missinformed people head activist gatherings is a bad, bad thing...

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