2004-12-30 20:47:15 ET

Anyone tried smoking this stuff? It's the 'legal high' or something. I bought some with a few friends the other night, and smoked just a little. It's supposed to be a crazy hallucinogen but we didn't smoke much. But my vision did get kinda funky when it first hit me.

2004-12-30 20:48:54 ET

I've heard of it, but never really smoked it. I thought they were supposed to be making it illegal soon though..?

2004-12-30 20:52:17 ET

i tried that last week, it wasn't that great at all, i expected wayyyy more from it.

2004-12-30 21:38:30 ET

I've only tried that a handful of times, but it seems to be more effective with each endeavor

Given it's nice low price it's worth trying out from time to time

2004-12-30 23:13:42 ET

I'm sure they'll be making it illegal in the US soon. It's about like pot on some levels, and apparently much different at a higher dosage. The government won't allow us to have many drugs but alcohol and nicotine eh?

2004-12-31 06:54:03 ET

There's alot of good reasons why they don't. ;D

2005-01-03 09:57:10 ET

My most recent ex was/is obsessed with that stuff. It is much different at higher dosages.

2005-01-15 18:15:06 ET

salvia is gross :[

2005-07-18 23:25:44 ET

you have to smoke it at very high temperatures to get the best effect.

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