2005-01-15 17:18:09 ET

Class started for the semester last week, and what do you know... I have a girlfriend now. She's spent the last 3 nights over here, and now she's at her parents. Bah. This is kinda boring. Nobody is really in town because of the holiday on monday. I really need to get my books for class, and I can't believe I still haven't gotten them. I'll do it really soon though. Financial aid comes next tuesday anyways.

2005-01-16 03:28:25 ET

isnt that bad to not have youre books when you start the class?

2005-01-16 06:26:36 ET

congrats about the girlfriend :)

2005-01-16 09:08:53 ET

Not having your books on the first day or two isn't too terrible, and luckily, most of my classes don't really use the book that much. I just need to get my algebra book and history book mainly so I can study my ass off. Those are going to be the hardest classes I have this semester.

2005-01-16 12:31:23 ET

are there ever classes where on the first day the teacher says "you were suppossed to do an assignment over the summer".. they do that in movies sometimes i was wondering if they every did that for real

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