How to find god
2002-10-28 08:57:48 ET

Alright, so I'm talking to this girl after class, and she's like... been homeschooled since first grade, since she does not believe in evolution (how can you NOT believe in evolution?) and she's a christian. So the next day, I'm talking to her again, and she tells me that god told her to pray for me while she was cleaning out her closet, and brought me a book! "How to find god" I feel special, I really do.

STEP 1: Look under bed
STEP 2: Look in closet
STEP 3: If god is not under the bed or in the closet, repeat the steps above.

Other than that, I'm sitting in class right now, learning how to do hexadecimal. Love that Cisco.

2002-10-28 09:25:06 ET

that interest me...makes me wanna laugh

2002-10-28 09:32:12 ET

How sweet of her. A girl who went to high school with me almost got me hit by a fire truck when she decided to stop me in the middle of the street to advocate Jesus Day, sponsered by the Christian Seekers club

2002-10-28 12:26:53 ET

Ah yes, I did manage to find god under the bed. He was all purple and spiffy.

2002-10-28 17:16:43 ET

they forgot to mention looking behind the couch. i sometimes find him there hiding amongst the dust bunnies.

2002-10-28 17:33:25 ET

I found GOD...he was in the couch cushions the entire time

2002-11-15 07:33:20 ET

Ask her to see if you can find God in her panties cause it's the one place you haven't looked. :-P

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