Such growth
2002-11-15 11:10:10 ET

This place has grown huge, as well as the sykospark forums. I feel so old saying this, but... When I came to the forums, there were only 1000 posts! I was the fifth person who registered on Subkultures! I love you guys!

2002-11-15 15:14:07 ET

Wow, only 5 people were on the forums when you got there??? You ARE old! Just kidding. I was in the first 20-30 to register for this site I believe.

2002-11-15 17:24:12 ET

no.. I was the 100th registered on the forums. On, I was the fifth person.

2002-11-15 17:39:16 ET

it's still 100x more personal than live journal. i still like it here for the most part.

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