2003-01-11 11:11:54 ET

Finally I felt like getting batteries for my digital camera. My hair is invisible though, it's back behind me. But it's really long!

Bootslut01 says I look angry. Well, thats because it's illegal to smile in Georgia.

2003-01-11 11:22:27 ET

yay!! nice new pics xani !

2003-01-11 12:29:23 ET

you so don't look 17! ;)
cute :)

2003-01-11 12:42:41 ET


2003-01-11 12:49:43 ET

well how old do I LOOK?!

2003-01-11 12:50:46 ET

mmhmm ;)

2003-01-11 12:51:44 ET

that mean we can have crazy sex now? =D

2003-01-11 12:53:05 ET

*gasp* :0

2003-01-11 12:54:43 ET

that a yes, or a no? *grin*

2003-01-11 12:56:39 ET

hmmm.... ;) that's a gasp, silly!
i'm not telling. :P
*bigger grin*

2003-01-11 12:58:17 ET

meh, keep me waiting? guess I'll just have to find out for myself. By the way, I'm waiting in the bushes!

2003-01-11 12:58:49 ET

oh dear! in the bushes? hehe.

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