2003-01-21 08:53:44 ET

Whats the best CD I should get, and where? Online of course. I don't really want to buy from Metropolis, but if I have to I will.

2003-01-21 09:50:38 ET




2003-01-21 10:54:50 ET

the cure. disintegration.

2003-01-21 11:24:57 ET

I think she was asking about :W: CDs...

2003-01-21 12:17:58 ET

oooooooooooh. right. i didn't read the subject. haha.

2003-01-21 12:21:18 ET

the cure still r0x

2003-01-21 12:31:17 ET


2003-01-21 16:08:39 ET

She? Am I that fucking girly?

2003-01-21 16:09:19 ET

the avatar is sorry dude///

2003-01-21 17:43:15 ET

Thats a guy too man. Don't you play games? Sheesh

2003-01-21 18:40:13 ET

my suggestions (if you don't already have them):

Bunker Gate 7
Messner Tracks

2003-01-22 04:57:20 ET

Yeah, thatks for the input guys, and Washy, I do have Mesner Tracks, I haven't taken that out of my cd player for quite a while.

2003-01-24 09:04:49 ET

music for slaughtering tribe is good too,isotank.com (typical industrial goth mail order site) or infrarot.de (has the best selection but more expensive but they have any industrial project you would ever need to find its a german mail-order (so its gonna be more expensive...you could also find :W: at Best Buy or Media Play as well if you are looking elsewhere then online)

P.S. send me those tracks :)

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