minority report!
2003-03-07 19:30:29 ET

Jesus christ I just saw that movie. damn that ROCKS!!!

But there are a few moral dillemas there. I was discussing this with someone earlier. Spoiler ahead, so if you haven't seen it and don't want to know about it, DON'T READ ANY FURTHER!!

While I'm not gung ho about saving human lives, I still do believe that using three people basically as slaves to save a thousand, maybe ten thousand people is PERFECTLY FINE. However, the person I was discussing this with happened to disagree, saying that those three have the right to choose to live whatever life they want, and shouldn't be forced to help those 1000 or so people they don't know.

What do you all think?

2003-03-07 19:40:09 ET

I wouldn't think twice about giving my life to save a thousand, but to MAKE somebody do it, is wrong. Unless of course they are in the military, then they are owned by the goverment. You sign your name, you die for whatever the goverment wants you to die for. Sad but true.

2003-03-07 20:38:05 ET

yea, i agree... making somebody do that is wrong, but if they signed something then they chose to do it... but strictly forcing them to do it.. nah...

2003-03-08 06:34:15 ET

The other thing is the 'pre-crime' aspect. Is it right to put someone in jail for a crime they WOULD have committed? I think it is. It's like going back in time and killing Hitler because you KNOW he would have killed so many people.

2003-03-08 07:36:19 ET

even tho i havnt seen the movie yet... what if they wouldve had a change of thought like right before they did the crime. like they knew that they were gonna get caught so they stopped and didnt do it.

2003-03-08 13:12:22 ET

I don't know. But the movie was great.

2003-03-09 05:51:21 ET

i agree with what was said about the first question-forcing's wrong.

the other is tricky..

great movie though:)

2003-03-10 07:55:22 ET

great movie...the first movie alan and i saw together on our first date...but the whole sacrificing people, i'm sure certain people would choose on their own to be sacrificed to save others so it really wouldn't have to be forced

2003-03-10 12:59:09 ET

well only certain people would choose to be sacrificed.. and only certain people actually have the ability to do that. so what if the only people that had that ability didnt want to do it?

2003-03-10 13:18:24 ET

tough shit for them?

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