saturday.. drool
2003-04-10 09:26:38 ET

mm I can't wait for saturday!! Sex for the first time in.. a year and a fucking half. I lurve my new girlfriend.. yum yum... I'm not going to last 2 minutes le sigh :(

2003-04-10 10:33:22 ET

Heheh have fun! ;)

Try for five.

2003-04-10 12:33:50 ET

Well.. uh.. have fun. But whatever happened to this side of Xanithe?

2003-04-11 08:48:54 ET

Xanithe has un-evolved. Now he will die with the rest of us. -SIGH-
If you last over 1 minute after a year of no sex you should be proud of yourself ;)

2003-04-11 09:58:27 ET

yeah isn't it sad? I meet this girl, and was like.. "fuck man! I killed my sex drive, I did -not- get horny. And now, whenever I SEE you, I get a hardon!"

2003-04-11 16:45:05 ET

Wank hard, wank long, build a tolerance. Good luck

2003-04-12 12:55:43 ET

get her matt get her
remember the golden tongue...

2003-04-13 05:37:50 ET

Aha.. Nothing happened. Not much at least, asides from her roommate being incredible in tune with the future, and telling us that we were going to end up getting married... And a few other interesting tidbits. So far, he's been able to tell just about everything about me; my past, future and other fun stuff. It's scary. But the marriage thing makes me happy :) seeing as I wouldn't mind it one bit.

2003-04-13 05:41:31 ET

And amusingly enough, the girl told me she was really scared. She said she was falling for me already. Thats pretty amusing because I usually have that effect on the women I date. I love it.. Love it love it. I guess we'll see how all this works out.

2003-04-13 20:09:02 ET

*Claps and feels happy for Xanithe* Good luck =)

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