Serious Retinal Damage  
  absinthe daffodil    Cudahy Hills, CA
I have a plastic piggy bank pig called Beowulf. Because you know, he'd like to be a wolf. So, I hear I need to put substance on this page. Eh? I want to continue gorging myself on peanut butter filled chocolate kisses(period) My head hurts. Like, bad. Bad like. I'm a n00b. Surprisingly enough, to myself, I have b00bs. Damn, now I need to buy differently cut clothes. Damn this site for making me magically hit puberty and become one of those "woman" things. [sighs].

 redundancy rocks! And so do morbidly obese women called Gloria with cavernous vaginas that could be    2007-03-03 21:40:05 ET
Here! Enjoy my altar to my ego! Exclamation marks are the scourge of the earth. Well, the second scourge of the earth. Iím the first point five. The second half of the first point five is either my friend Hannah or my friend uber cool unknown person. I should have them duke it out to claim the title. Thing is we are all subs, so that should be funny. Oh, I Pwned Hannah last night on a couch at Bunker. I Pwned her nasty. Thank you, Andrew for teaching me some new geekspeak.

I got out of bed at five in the pm(no, not the prime minister. Tony Blair is kind of not my type.) So, Iíve missed Saturday. And what a nice day I am sure she was. She will be sorely missed by me and none. Yes, this is me procrastinating and bored and not cracking lewd sexual remarks every few seconds. Letís hope Iím as good in bed as I imply I am! For your sakes. Not really for my own. I do like to think Iím a fish, though. Not a dead fish. Though, if you all believe Iím a dead fish in bed, please, do let me know. This way I know who to go after when I need to redeem myself in the eyes of the lord by making cookies and peach kuchen.

Iím listening to Sweet Dreams.

(un)Interestingly enough, I just remembered that one evening my parents were exiting off the 605 and I was listening to Marilyn Mansonís ďThe NobodiesĒ on my CD player, and had an epiphany. Funny the way memory strikes you.
Iím listening to the Smiths and Morrissey(Stand Alone Complex). Yes, I like SAC. Especially Ghost in the Shell: SAC. I really enjoyed that series. As well as Samurai Champloo. Iím waiting for Ergo Proxy, too. Hoping thatíll be good.

I rewrite memory.

I think Iím a bird. Xaw!

I make babies cry by touching their palms and smiling! Woot.

I don't know what I did, but my page went funny. sigh*

 Sleep is purtyful    2007-02-22 08:01:40 ET
But I don't have it. tear* I haven't slept. Woo! I get to stay awake for mighty long time now. Maybe I hungry? Just a little bit. Words flutter by. And, no, I'm not refering to the tiny, purple Thumbelina sized horse with little bird wings that is struggling to find its place in life. Well, maybe. I do like tiny, purple horses with wings that don't know shit. Well, I guess Flutterby's wings probably knew the shit of other avian creatures if they flew above 'em and dropped a load. Hm...does that mean that a load dropped onto poor little Flutterby could kill 'em? [shivers] In fact, I think that's what happens to poor little Flutterby. I think that Flutterby finds its purpose and meaning in life, and then dies because a sea gull takes a tremendous dump on 'em during flight. What a sad, sad end to poor Flutterby.

 Lars discovered shadows    2007-02-21 17:33:14 ET
He just discovered shadows. Aw, isn't he cute?

     2007-02-21 17:04:21 ET
I need to get laid more often. In a manger. Like Baby Jesus. Are you familiar with Ash Wipe Wednesday? I am. But, not intimately.