Lars discovered shadows
2007-02-21 17:33:14 ET

He just discovered shadows. Aw, isn't he cute?

2007-02-21 17:47:45 ET

i already knew about shadows.

2007-02-21 18:17:55 ET

Lies, Lars did not know about shadows.

2007-02-21 18:24:20 ET

lars knew of shadows

2007-02-21 18:25:47 ET


2007-02-21 21:15:55 ET

i supposed he will never know then if he gets his picture taken by a camera, it steals his soul...... >:)

2007-02-21 21:58:27 ET

too late ;-P

2007-02-21 22:50:41 ET

i traded lars a banana for his soul. now he walks funny. i cant get the gum off though. i think i want my banana back.

2007-02-22 02:18:57 ET

liz: it just hit me that your journal entry text color ought to be the same as your bio text ;-P
oh well. i'll help you fix that later today, perhaps.

2007-02-22 02:52:31 ET

wheres my banana lars? tell of you havent done anything dirty with it?

2007-02-22 03:04:48 ET

i didnt do anything dirty with it myself, however miss daffodil has stolen it from me and completely tainted it with dirtiness.

2007-02-22 03:17:17 ET

hmm... is it still edible anyway?

2007-02-22 03:22:06 ET


2007-02-22 07:43:25 ET

TurboSkanker & Phoenix : The banana is mush. Do you want to eat it? It's tainted, but deliciously so.

2007-02-28 19:36:22 ET

i just realized that both you and phoenix have eyeball avatars. creepy d-:

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