i just found an old journal...
2006-12-09 14:15:46 ET

i used to write quite well. some of it jibberish, but some was more beautiful than i thought myself capable even now. i did open a poetry journal, just haven't taken the time to type it. presently dating again. the old members of my harem gone, to be replaced with new.lol by the way, the most recent of my 'boyfriends came back from iraq with more than just a present for me.

and people wonder why i'm so damn picky. for this is just another example of why i go through men like water. hang up up on him, erase the number, hmmm. if this continues, hello first shirt. things is, i don't consider myself some great prize; but on the other hand, i am a great prize. i love my family, and those i choose to be in it. don't try pulling crap with me, my energy is best spent on someone worthy.

yup, that sounds egotistical. good.

and how is your day folks?

2006-12-09 14:25:06 ET

The Present I'm guessing was the Clap?

"If you ain't got the Herp you ain't got the love..."

...my boat's pretty fucked up in our wisdom

2006-12-09 15:03:02 ET

Whoa...did he bring back an STD?! That's messed up. (Though usually treatable.)

I'm sick! I keep having the most violent & painful sneazes! I went from having a sore throat to fading sore throat with violent sneezes = lots of pain!!! God...I feel another round coming!

Anyhow, can I be in your harem? (You know, once I'm well again.)
I pine to be your love slave!!! :P

2006-12-09 15:27:01 ET


this is what happened. currently 'cleansing' with horse pills(ever been there?)lol you want to apply for a harem slot? must have CLEAN REFERENCES. lol if not i have extra horse pills...lol ok really most people don't announce this kind of stuff, but if someone learns from my accident, then it was almost worth it. lol i honestly cared for this guy. every 3/4 days a phone calle from someone willing to marry you for who you are is almost a comfort factor. i only promised to date him when he got back. he lasted less than 24 hours upon his return. i was done even before he dropped me off.
this is my keeper test.
if he is irritated(by something/one other than me) or in pain, or hungover, and we are ANYWHERE, i put my head on his shoulder. if he politely informs me he is 'in pain' snuggle later, we be good. if he is an ass, we don't be anything. so far it's working 2-0. and i'm still single. don't be the jaded person, that's being a coward. just use condoms. lol

2006-12-09 15:28:04 ET

that really sounded like a commercial.

2006-12-10 08:53:18 ET

there's nothing wrong with being picky.... it just sucks at times though :|

2006-12-10 08:55:20 ET

Here's how to get a man....go to the deaf/mute conventions and you'll find a perfect guy...one that you know won't talk back to you or you know won't listen...

...removes all doubt...

2006-12-12 08:29:14 ET

There's nothing wrong with being picky... just be the best YOU that you can...

2006-12-12 21:07:10 ET

with condoms...lol

2007-04-16 19:36:54 ET

Sis: Please UPDATE your site a little more often; it's kinda gross to see your most current entry being an STD contraction, lol....... ;-P
<3 ya

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