phonetic channelling2002-10-25 23:41:08 ET

chez ter plur kaaaaaa naaaa fnuuuuuurrrrrrrrrr puh surrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr geh turr det urrrrrrrrr get toh-na muh derrrrrrrrrr bon no mah errrr surrrrr dob-rah ha lalala fallalalayyy seen tane red tane sef teen

automatic writing session2002-10-25 23:34:21 ET

bawk bawk bawk
mmhhhmmmmmmmmm trains stains auto erotic asphyxiations
can i crawl back into my mother now please.
what does this mean. where does it end, if i know i can then plot backwards. incredible edible olfactory hallucinations. silence is copper plated.

2002-10-25 21:17:47 ET

i have a toofache
too much sugar tonight

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