transcendental art terror
2003-07-21 02:48:05 ET

the dalai lama is visiting boston in september. he will be participating in a dialogue between buddhist scholars and biobehavioral scientists on the subject of the mind. he will also be addressing the general public at the fleet center, stadium seating, $60. this isn't the important part.
the important part is that i'm now accepting applications for participants in the un-announced, urban civil war re-enactment that will miraculously coincide in the same time and place as the dalai lama's address. all interested parties can email me at musket experience not necessary.

2003-07-21 15:18:03 ET

so, you want to crash the dalai lamas' dialogue with a reenactment of the civil war?

2003-07-21 17:28:10 ET

yes. something terribly realistic. musket balls in the eyes, blood blood, squirt squirt. i know that deep down the dalai lama will appreciate our presence. we are loki.

2003-07-21 17:43:25 ET

haha... well, this sounds quite amusing... but, what is the motivation for it?

2003-07-22 18:12:28 ET

because i thought of it and it amuses me.

2003-07-22 19:15:46 ET

so, how big is the army so far?

2003-07-23 09:05:26 ET

uh, me. i might be able to get izzy and storm to fight. so the liberal estimate is three. we're now looking for drummer boys and ANYONE with a handlebar moustache.

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