2002-10-19 12:06:43 ET

anyone like swans? (the band, you know, the best one ever?)

michael gira is playing at cbgb 313 on nov. 1st. solo acoustic. i'll be there.

2002-10-19 12:18:52 ET


nov 1. is that.
nov 2. is headscan/terrorfakt/hocico/haujobb.

2002-10-19 12:32:56 ET

rrrowr... wait .. headscan and terrorfact?

*i've heard of the swans, but never heard the swans...

2002-10-19 12:43:17 ET

That's right, Headscan and Terrorfakt.

The Swans are good.

2002-10-19 13:38:08 ET

dbd, remember my professor that we saw on the day you moved in? he's best friends with the swans...so he may be there...heh, that man is everywhere! ;-P

i could probably get free tix if i hit up my prof. for them :-P

2002-10-19 17:56:57 ET

the one whose studio is directly across the street from my house?

2002-10-20 05:39:57 ET

yeah... that's the looney

2002-10-20 07:03:15 ET

And Leech (of NTT) is a big Swans fan, so he'll be there.
And so is Mark (of Fragment King) so he'll be there.
And so are a lot of other people.

2002-10-20 07:27:58 ET

Michael Gira/Swans are among my favorites...I wish I could make that show. :\

2002-10-20 07:31:38 ET

gira's studio is directly across the street from your house? i knew he lived in brooklyn, but this small world shit is getting fucking ridiculous.

2002-10-20 07:34:07 ET

Furax's proffesor's studio... ;)

2002-10-20 07:36:23 ET

delusions of grandeur i guess.

2002-10-20 07:43:38 ET

I was supposed to be out east around that time too, as usual my plans flopped.

2002-10-20 07:47:28 ET

i thought this small world shit was bad enough when i found out kreestof played drums for Izzy

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