2002-10-21 15:36:41 ET

98% of sk make me want to vomit.
better than your average demographic i suppose.
i need to start a project of my own before i burst. there are so many ways i want to hurt people with sound.
sometime in the near future i will need your help burying the planet in ten feet of concrete.

2002-10-21 15:37:50 ET

That's a lot of people.

I am glad I am in that 2%... hopefully.
Unless you enjoy vomitting.

2002-10-21 15:38:47 ET

ipecac shots= performance art!

2002-10-21 15:56:06 ET


2002-10-21 16:11:13 ET

my % of people are growing

2002-10-22 07:14:11 ET

ipecac can be fatal.

2002-10-22 12:05:22 ET

ewwwwwwwww ipecac!

dont feel bad, i only find a certain percentage of sk ppl intriguing, and i definitely find sk people as a whole more intriguing that those arseholes i get packedin the cattle car with every morning. in fact, insomnia/i have boycotted my page to anyone who isn't in (for several reasons)

2002-10-22 19:06:38 ET

i love being in the majority

2002-10-22 19:09:28 ET

i have plans for you rustload.
they just haven't been executed.

2002-10-22 19:12:58 ET

do they involve our dear friend the International Male?

2002-10-22 19:19:50 ET

that just really threw me off. i don't know how to reply.
no, it just involves stealing you from the majority ;D

2002-10-22 19:21:52 ET

international male: see my page. the International Male can aid you

+ how do you intend to do this stealing business? ninja power?!

2002-10-22 19:28:49 ET

see PM.
and i'll take one in yellow!

2002-10-22 19:32:25 ET

i have been.. ass-i-mi-la-ted!

:freezes, shakes:

2002-10-22 19:34:34 ET

emphasis on ass

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