2002-10-25 23:52:40 ET

daylight savings is a farce. it was originally invented to save an hour of electricity daily during the world wars.
there's no better way to prove to you that time is malleable.
you are encouraged to seek out your own temporal realities.

2002-10-26 00:21:38 ET

i am my own temproal reality: =P

2002-10-26 00:22:06 ET

or maybe your own:

2002-10-26 01:25:06 ET

i change time all the time (o_O)

2002-10-26 04:59:25 ET

A FARCE you say?!%?!#?%?!

Just forthat I am going to wastenergy.

2002-10-26 17:03:18 ET

Yay for farce! One more hour to subject anima to club!!

2002-10-26 17:11:21 ET


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