psychogeography 101
2002-10-31 13:42:39 ET

where do you go to be alone

2002-10-31 13:44:47 ET

where in ct is that?

2002-10-31 14:31:22 ET

your alone place is better than my alone place

2002-10-31 15:33:46 ET


I go by the water to be alone. .. or in the middle of the crowded city just because with all those damn crazed people you're essentially alone. . .

2002-10-31 20:11:18 ET

the pic is 30 feet from the ocean. in bridgeport: pleasure beach.
once a pretty hopping place, the only bridge to get to it burned down ten years ago. now it's a ghost town. there's a huge theater, a burned down merry go round, a dock, a restaurant, an enormous bathroom, a bumper-car-pit-turned-k9-training-course (i know, its weird), and 30+ vacant beach homes. all in various states of decay/reclamation by mother. the quietest place on earth. it's MY rivet spot. plenty of pics for anyone who wants them.

2002-10-31 20:12:33 ET

ahhh, that's awesome! i should drop by there sometime...about a 45 minute drive. looks damn cool.

2002-10-31 20:13:52 ET

the only way to get to it is by walking a mile or two from stratford. or boat.

2002-10-31 20:29:41 ET

i have legs ;)

2002-10-31 20:32:50 ET

i like your alone place.

my alone place is on aa rock by the ocean. it overlooks it and you cann feel the ocean spray hit your face when a wave splashes against the rocks.

2002-11-01 05:53:34 ET

that's pretty. there's always water involved, isn't there?

2002-11-01 09:45:27 ET

That's a really cool looking place Anima. I agree with the body of water thing. The ebb and flow of waves sort of takes the ebb and flow of life and puts it into a physical medium that you take in and reflect upon.

2002-11-01 11:35:15 ET

this is just part of it...but i couldn't find the other pictures

2002-11-01 11:37:03 ET

pleasure beach is one of my favorite places: ...andy we should go there again soon:

2002-11-01 14:01:35 ET

waters always involved. there's something beautiful about it that makes me wish i was part of it.

to reach my rock you have to walk through a cave. and whenever i walk through the cave and see the light at the's always menat something symbolic and hopeful for me.

the cave is by a satanic worshipping ruins. it used to be a pretty happening place in the early 1900's. it was natural salt water bath house for people in SF. Now it's just pond and algae.

And then it's by an arcade with 1920's games. Tres interesting.

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