2002-12-04 12:04:06 ET

heeeeeeey yoooooooooooooo guuuuuuuuysssssss!

i was planning on seeing the hell lab show and then going home, but my darling *Jarboe* is playing the day after, so it looks like i'll be hanging around for the weekend. if you want to get together, holla!
nothin but love to ya.

2002-12-04 12:05:13 ET

I'll probably seeee yoouuu.

2002-12-04 12:06:35 ET

the offer doesn't apply to biomechanics or residents of michigan.

2002-12-04 12:08:46 ET

Fuck, I'm a biomechanic and a resident of Michigan.

2002-12-04 12:10:30 ET

two wrongs make 1 right. where do you want to meet?

2002-12-04 12:11:24 ET

Michigan Embassy in NYC.

2002-12-04 12:24:46 ET

where we plot to secede from union and develop our own socialist republic? i'll bring chips!

2002-12-04 12:34:47 ET

With lower taxes and more government programs!

2002-12-04 15:00:20 ET


2002-12-04 16:03:00 ET

don't start

2002-12-04 18:03:37 ET

i ate your government (o_O)

2002-12-04 18:07:01 ET

My government is going to jail you so bad.

2002-12-04 18:14:00 ET

whee, jail!

2002-12-05 04:53:28 ET

Gah! Now I MUST move to NYC.

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