2002-12-09 19:19:51 ET

are russian mail order brides typically really busted looking?

2002-12-09 19:20:25 ET

busted in what areas?

2002-12-09 20:06:17 ET

generic bustedness.

2002-12-10 04:02:30 ET

go check out the russian whores in shepshead bay brooklyn...if you like what you see...

2002-12-10 09:24:11 ET

I thought they were supposed to be hot, I mean, isn't that the deal. My friend said all girls in Russia are hot.

2002-12-10 16:05:16 ET

fuck no!
because of annoying legal reasons, you can't "buy" them anymore.
but the idea is that you pay some company.
to take you over to russia.
and you see all the sluts.
and you pick one you want.

and you're like "slut, we're getting married."
and the slut is like "i want free ride in America."

and it's all good.

2002-12-10 18:38:52 ET

russian girls are gorgeous.

2002-12-11 08:44:44 ET

i wanted to order this girl for a friends birthday:


and then i realized this is too sick. and i dont have the money.

2002-12-11 09:26:30 ET

let's start making our own mail order stat sheets

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