2003-01-03 21:25:05 ET

doesn't ANYBODY have pictures from NYE? i saw flashes going off all night! don't keep blackmail to yourself.

2003-01-04 00:54:46 ET

that's what i'm saying!

2003-01-04 08:02:01 ET

i have a few. just can't scan em till Insomnia comes back cos she lets me use the scanner for cheap. so expect em after the 10th.

2003-01-04 09:10:43 ET

i just saw a few, and i don't want to see anymore.
i look like crap in every single one of them.
stuff like that makes me never want to leave the house again, i have terrible body image issues!

2003-01-04 17:15:24 ET

Hah cute Ali - I have pics but I have to finish the roll and develop it and it'll probably not be until I get back as well... Storm had a digicam, where are those??

2003-01-04 23:17:42 ET

ask her for the link.

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