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2003-01-06 11:05:07 ET

i got this in my email from my friend noiseindex, note the eerie location... i've seen Charles krafft's grenades, they rock! anyway, this looks like a fun way to kill an hour or two:


January 11 - February 9, 2003
Opening Reception Saturday, January 11, 7-10pm

31Grand is pleased to present "Girls and Guns" a group exhibition about just

Featured artists and selected works are: Mike Cockrill's paintings of a young girl executing a clown, Helen Garber's life-size self portrait with an AK-47, Brad Kahlhamer's prairie girl drawings, Charles Krafft's porcelain delftware guns and grenades, Jason Clay Lewis' fur paintings of playmates, Jeff Wyckoff's test tube pin-up calendar, and the New York premiere of"Bikini Bandits" by Steve Grasse and Shymala Joshi featuring Jello Biafra [Dead Kennedys], Corey Feldman, the late Dee Dee Ramone [The Ramones] and
Maynard James Keenan [Tool].

Directions: Subway -L Train to Bedford Ave. walk south on Bedford Ave. toGrand St. Right on Grand St. to Kent Ave. Car -Drive over the Williamsburg Bridge. First exit. Right on Broadway. Right on Kent Ave. to Grand St.

Gallery hours: Saturday and Sunday 1-7pm or by appointment

2003-01-06 11:06:19 ET

Hey I know where that is. . .

You gonna come down for it? ::smiles::

2003-01-06 11:15:59 ET

only if you're there

2003-01-06 11:21:15 ET

It's the day after I get back. I'm sure we can find a good day to go.

I live there, silly. ;-)

2003-01-06 11:46:27 ET


Probably means some one I know will be at the reception.
Which means I will probably be there.


2003-01-06 11:48:56 ET

The reception is this Sat at the same time as the BC show, Bio. If I work morn and not night, maybe we can go early to the reception and then head into the city together. . .

2003-01-06 11:51:17 ET

Fancy that.

Yeah, I'm not too excited about Imperative Farce, ... but it's not like it's deadly long trip there.

Yeah, coerce your employers to make you work morning.
Or I will.

2003-01-06 11:53:51 ET

Working on it. They're like "uh, your plane might be delayed on Fri, and then you'd miss work in the morning. . ."

dumb fucks. How many people fly for business all the time and make meetings in other states and such? pfft

2003-01-06 12:05:17 ET

girls and guns?! :-o

oh yes ;-)

2003-01-06 12:07:13 ET


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