Dear Boston: Imma Fuck Yo' Shit Up
2003-01-10 08:08:54 ET

Friday: digit and i be hitchin' a ride to brooklyn with a friend that's going back to school. not sure what i'll be doing to entertain myself. suggestions?
Tomorrow (Saturday): i should be going to the Girls and Guns show and stealing all the hors d'oeuvres. be there! it just so happens that Insomnia and DBD live like a block down the street. Speaking of, all welcome the return of Madame J, back from the land of futurepop.
Sunday, i'm going to the reptile show in white plains to pawn off all of my insect friends (this is horribly upsetting for me). i also have to sell my ball python.
all this is because on Monday i move to boston. i'm getting butterflies in my stomach about the whole thing. i just want to get there and set up shop and collapse for a week. i don't know anyone there, really... hopefully i'll manage. my roommate is from spain. I'VE NEVER TRUSTED A SPANIARD! haha. i'm sure he's cool (well, i hope).
you boston kids better be nice, cuz i ain't take no shit from nobody.
hopefully once i get settled in, i can begin planning performances. boston is the best city for street performance. i also need to sit down and write some solo material, i want to get shows!
oh yeah, and the school thing. haha.

2003-01-10 08:20:10 ET

what? no das ich?

2003-01-10 08:24:49 ET

is that tonight? when is that?

2003-01-10 08:28:33 ET

saturday night

2003-01-10 08:32:47 ET

Nice quote from Princess Bride :) the city, there might be some nice kids. Chances are,though, those kids will have moved to Boston from somewhere else too. I went to high school in the Boston area, and from the opinion of a non-native Bostonite living there...most people native to Eastern Massachusets tend not to be very nice (DISCLAIMER: I do not want to hear from ONE person being like, "Oh my GOD; how can you dis people from Eastern Mass? I am from Eastern Mass!." Yea, so is Sykospark and M0xie, but I'm sure they won't get up my ass thinking I'm dissing them, because I'm not. I said "MOST." It's also MY opinion. I also feel that way BECAUSE I didn't grow up there. People who grew up there are probabley used to it...and shit dog, maybe you DO contribute to it. Fess up to your fallacies and MOVE ON). They are really hard to get to know, because a lot of them have very specific and solid groups of friends that they have had since childhood and they don't want to let your ass in. Also, a lot of people there are competitive in a very specific's hard to verbalize; it's more like something you just figure out. That being said, it is a fun city and you'll be sure to meet at least a few people you can chill with. Just take care and don't take anything too personally there.

2003-01-10 08:42:49 ET

"Can i give you my word as a spaniard?"
"No good, i've known too many spaniards." haha.
wow. that was a large disclaimer. the only thing i don't like about boston is that emo kids grow like weeds there. they're everywhere, you go to throw something away and one pops out of the trash can! (looking glum of course)
anyhoooooo, no das ich for me, not a fan.
i wish i could go to sushi with storm and doc tonight, but i shouldn't be dining out, the money just isn't there for it :(
anyhow, if anyone wants to hang out tomorrow, i have nothing to do during the day. my cell is 203-414-9363 and i'm pretty sure i'll be staying at la casa de la DBD+J

2003-01-10 08:52:42 ET

yea, better save the loot for al kee hol

2003-01-10 09:01:06 ET

Boston is populated by rare, white emorodents.
If you start shopping at Urban Outfitters, Anima...I will call in security forces. (re: ninjas)
This is, however, a fabulous excuse for the entire posse to get loaded and institute temporary martial law in downtown Boston.


2003-01-10 09:01:55 ET invades boston! unf

2003-01-10 09:03:14 ET

Pussy bitch won't know what hit her.
All the friends I've had who've gone to school
in Boston have signed up for HITLERKINDER camp
shortly thereafter.

You'd best go blackface, Anima... do yourself a favor. :)

2003-01-10 09:04:15 ET

the last bastion of new england snobbery

2003-01-10 09:11:52 ET


2003-01-10 14:41:28 ET

call on Furax for all your local area Ninja needs! ;-P


2003-01-11 12:48:21 ET

i'm gonna do my part to uglify boston. we can truck in garbage from staten island and dump it in the fens...

2003-01-12 06:35:41 ET

>>>you go to throw something away and one pops out of the trash can! (looking glum of course)

emo the grouch.. heh

2003-01-12 14:23:55 ET

It was cool to finally meet you, Andy!

Wish we could have hung out longer.

2003-01-12 14:53:44 ET

i know! there's never time to take anything in anymore.

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