2003-02-22 11:02:57 ET

i couldn't find the new angels. DAMN YOU NEWBURY COMICS! GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER! i went to 2 locations.
i went to the new england aquarium yesterday. i want to work there sooo bad, aquascaping and maintaining the freshwater tanks. they have a four foot electric eel, and its tank has an audible voltage meter.
and this morning i went to the garment district, for a 50% off sale. i didn't get anything in the sale section, i was too busy rummaging through the downstairs, where tons of clothes piled up high on the floor are a dollar a pound. i bought two pairs of work overalls and something resembling the remains of a pair of pants.

Have i mentioned that i hate boston? this is the most boring city i've ever been in. and i just signed a new 12 month lease so i'm stuck here another year. i like my classes, but why can't i relate to a single goddamn person here? i'm convinced that i am not human. something else. i'm waiting for the others to show up and save me.

2003-02-22 12:14:18 ET

<------ needs train fare, would be there in a heartbeat if she could get off work

2003-02-22 12:49:23 ET

people from boston are not real people.

...p.s. - the samual adams brewery is in/near boston...and they give free samples.

2003-02-22 17:46:10 ET

Dude, didn't I say Boston sucked/sucks? Like Superman, I never lie! You'll make it through chief, but remember, when in need to vent about Boston, you can always vent to me, because I understand your woe.

2003-02-23 10:37:34 ET


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