2003-03-12 15:15:59 ET

1.currently, any artistic endeavor on my part is fueled by horrendous dental pain.
2.smirnoff makes green apple vodka. mix it with sprite and wake up sunday!

2003-03-12 16:30:55 ET

ah, man...i know what you mean about teeth thing...i take care of mine but i'm apparently doomed to get caveties and the like anyway...

...and just for your amusement i thought i'd post this:


The sweetest little pain monger you ever shall meet is a man called the dentist, that happy feeling detrimentalist..who pokes sharp objects in your soft tissue (and makes your mouth so full of blood not a soul would dare to kiss you!) ..because of those sweets he'll rip out your teeth and place them on his platter (I like that little bib they give you to catch all the spits and splatters.) The dentist moves closer and his drill whines and shrills and you'd swear by that look in his eye that this is a dentist who kills! That light glares in your eyes while dentists with their sucker tools hide behind their ties. They look respectable like doctors, like surgeons...(last time I heard less girls leave here virgins!) He knocks you out (then up.) and in the end you rinse your mouth with that little cup...
...if I have to go near that dentist...I'm gonna fuck that mother up!

...i wrote it a long time ago... i don't really have anything against the dentist though, in fact, i usually like him...

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