2003-03-19 09:36:51 ET

i am currently in the middle of an art project.
it will be a natural history exhibit in the form of a photo album. i need your help.
if you have a scanner, i need you to rub yourself with it.
you can choose any part of the body you want. nudity is acceptable, if not downright encouraged.
the trick is that i'd like these slightly distorted, so if you want to move slightly or change positions midscan that would be awesome (i.e. make your fingers ten inches long) sometimes you can just get cool images if you just smear skin on the glass. on a few i'd like to see something that looks possibly human, but unrecognisable as any distinct area.
"the important thing is that you just have fun with it"
- bob ross
all submissions are confidential (unless you want credit). please email them in .JPG format to submit as many as you'd like. PLEASE get these to me ASAP! Thanks!

2003-03-19 09:48:00 ET

i sent you one...

2003-03-19 09:53:17 ET

awesome, thanks!
keep them coming, everyone.

2003-03-19 10:07:39 ET

oh my. . . I have a scanner at work - how can I do this without being indecent and without dirtying the scanner??

2003-03-19 12:00:39 ET

I disapprove of this art project heartily.
Shocking sir. Shocking.


2003-03-19 12:45:06 ET

i bet anima loved my fleshy scanned goodness haha ;-P

2003-03-19 15:44:17 ET

J- scan your arm or leg or face or ear or hair. pick it up and scan your tummy.
Storm, you of all people. I want it on my desk no later than friday afternoon.
i may have overstated my view of nudity concerning the project. it isn't at all required. don't think you can't send me something because there isn't any crotch. i'll be participating too. mwahaha. i think the only restriction i've placed on somebody so far is that i didn't want to see his hairy asshole.
the concept is that as technology progresses, physicalities such as the body become blurred and only humanity's distilled core essence remains. it's a natural history exhibit because the subjects are seen from behind glass.

2003-03-20 22:18:18 ET

fishnet snuff, just for kicks

if ya dig around here you'll find a whole bunch of scans mixed in with my other art stuff, mainly inkings. If there is anything you want in a scan just ask.
Furax!! don't start :P

2003-03-20 22:22:53 ET

don't start what?!

2003-03-20 22:26:58 ET

nothing, don't start nothing...... :P

2003-03-20 22:27:44 ET

...that's a double negative, miss sissy

2003-03-20 22:37:05 ET

:P furax
ohh this one..... has movement
and these....

there is also one on my computer that is my thimb at about 10 inches or so long with my hand.

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