2003-05-21 20:57:12 ET

it's not often that i update
or show my face
so have a laugh at my expense
with this very drunk picture
(i went home w/ 2 girls that night! all it takes is a bottle of wine, ladies)

2003-05-21 20:59:35 ET

Is it supposed to show your nipples that way?

2003-05-21 20:59:46 ET


[that is foxy]

2003-05-21 21:02:41 ET

i don't know! it was all types of confusing. i think it's meant to push boobs up if you've got them.
o rusty i've missed you so. not praying, balancing!

2003-05-21 21:06:37 ET

This is quite possible.

2003-05-21 21:09:37 ET

is that your corset?

2003-05-21 21:18:38 ET

nope. it belonged to the girl that took the shot, i think.

2003-05-21 21:34:09 ET

ah i was about to say, hehe

2003-05-22 02:34:55 ET

that's actually a nice corset! ;-D

2003-05-22 02:41:38 ET


2003-05-22 05:34:42 ET

it is! i think it's worth around $500.

2003-05-22 07:03:28 ET

Holy fuckjob.
I think I HAVE that corset.


2003-05-22 07:20:43 ET

The camo pants make the outfit. Ask them if you can borrow that for club this weekend -


2003-05-22 21:17:51 ET

club! HA!

2003-05-22 21:36:12 ET

save this pic now if you want it. i think it's a keeper, but it's blowing up my spot, yo.
besides, it's not becoming of me to expose myself to the general public in such a lascivious fashion.
"exposing myself" to my friends, though..... ha!

2003-05-22 21:41:52 ET

1/18/2003 was a fun night.... teehee. that was the night of izzy's pyramid show, if my memory serves.
everyone gets their <3's to me cubed and returned.

2003-05-22 21:59:08 ET

it's late and i'm wired! so i'll keep posting to myself til i get tired.
damn andy you're a sexy mother fucker.

2003-05-22 22:00:23 ET

i'm aware. but you aint so bad lookin' yourself!

2003-05-22 22:01:18 ET

*gasp* why surely you jest!

2003-05-22 22:04:43 ET

what do you say we go upstairs and "discuss" this further?

2003-05-22 22:05:44 ET

i'd like that very much. after you?

2003-05-22 22:06:07 ET

why thank you. right this way, darling.

2003-05-22 22:06:31 ET

*teeheeheehee* that tickles.

2003-05-23 02:45:01 ET


This is totally going to be my desktop background.

2003-05-23 04:58:02 ET

look at anima infirmary talk to hisself

:nipple tweak: TSSCNNNNTNNTNHCHH! [the sound nipples make]

2003-05-23 11:47:17 ET

you rule

2003-06-04 15:50:18 ET

[[picture Cap]]

(*thinking to self...*)
"Jeez...if cheap wine gets 2 grrrls...i wonder what good wine would do?!" muwahahahahaha!

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