2003-06-27 11:57:50 ET

manyy thanks to the supreme court for overturning texas's anti sodomy laws yesterday. one more brick laid down on the road to actual privacy. it is my god given right to get yumped in the farter in my own home if i fucking want to.
speaking of assholes, i'd also like to thank strom thurmond for FINALLY DYING. we were all beginning to get suspicious.

2003-06-27 12:08:00 ET

methinks the first event has muchly to do with the latter, aye?

strom_minion: hey, boss, did you hear? homos are legally allowed to make wit the love now!

2003-06-27 13:29:11 ET

or maybe it went like this....

2003-06-27 13:32:37 ET


2003-06-27 13:34:28 ET

that article is pure gold considering it was written five years ago.

2003-06-27 14:43:53 ET

yay for buggery!!!

2003-06-27 15:05:12 ET

hooray for sodomy!

2003-06-27 15:31:33 ET

I wonder if there'll be some record for sodomizing tonight nationwide.

Old Fart Husband: "Come on, Martha, just once, let's do it like those gay people do it, you know, in celebration of their rights."

2003-07-07 20:41:44 ET

cock tease

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