V Day    2006-02-13 12:37:13 ET
im so happy. james bought me this cute little tea set for Valentine's day and i didnt even have to nag him about it.. haha. and he bought me the Corpse Bride DVD! yay! i lub you james!

on another note, my brother is now stationed in Spain, he'll fit in more there, he looks like a mexican. As always he messed everything up on his way there.. lost his military flight tickets (had to buy new ones - 250$), got lost and had to sleep on a bench outside an Airport in Spain during freezing winter! and he got a new cell phone but has no idea what his phone number is coz he cant read spanish.. okay.. well. besides that, he's happy to be out of italy.

 huh    2006-02-10 04:47:37 ET
i took the quiz. coz im bored. the first time it came up that my heart was yellow, and it said "have you even reached puperty yet?" so i redid it..

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