Gimme Gimme!!    2005-12-28 08:23:26 ET
okay, now is the time when i wish i had a job.. well, sort of, i wish i had money


 Merry Chistmas!    2005-12-26 10:12:31 ET
i love christmas! so much! but i do have one complaint..

if we are suppossed to have separation of church and state here, then why is it that the entire state practically shuts down on christmas day?? mcdonalds, closed. walmart, closed. we had to go to the gas station for dinner last night!

on another note:

here is a beautiful purse that james bought me off of ebay. i practically peed myself when i saw it.

and here is me wearing a cute little outfit that my grama bought me for christmas!

Me warming my hands over the fake fire on TV:


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