2005-09-28 09:11:51 ET
i have pink eye in both eyes, one worse than the other. the bad one is swollen shut and very very painful.

i had to take off work today.. they offered to give me the rest of the week off, so i can get better.. but its killing me to skip work. i guess its better than infecting the whole staff.

the manager said "if both of us are sick, the store cant even open"

i dont wanna risk that. i feel so ugly looking like this.. everytime i look in the mirror.. but im sure it'll clear up in a couple of days.

 im little but i can still kill you.    2005-09-24 12:59:26 ET
i went to kroger today and saw a buddy of mine (well, james') and he said "i talked to your boss the other day"

he was talkin about a woman at my work had come into kroger and talked to him, he assumed she was my boss coz shes like 45.

i said.. "shes not my boss, im her boss"
he looked at me all confused like.

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