okay    2004-11-16 05:32:46 ET


 it spells MORON, you piece of crap!    2004-11-14 17:01:17 ET
okay, leave it to me to loose something all the time..

yesterday afternoon i was sitting in the bathroom and i shook my hand, well my ring (diamond ring that james bought me for our 2yr annaversary) flew down the ac vent.
it couldve fallen anywhere in the entire bathroom but it went straight into the vent.

well, my dad, being a super handy/rescue man, like contorted his arm to reach down into the vent and he pulled out a handfull of dust and debris.. and with it, my ring.

i was so excited! daddy saves the day again..

then i made him move a dead rat that was behind my car that a stray kitty killed. he threw the rat in the neighbor's bushes.. haha.

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