Now this is just some ironic conversation:    2005-03-08 19:02:07 ET
Antony: but today's interview went well; of all things he complimented my handshake twice. god knows if he's just hitting on me.
Charlene: offence, but you tend to attract some creepy guys
Antony: I don't mind you saying that, I know that as a fact. but what do you mean here?
Charlene: I mean, obviously at an interview, you're not being flirty or sexy, but guys still act like creeps around you. They just keep popping up in your life
Antony: LOL
Charlene: Well, at least from your journal, you still meet some great people
Antony: THAT line just sounds weird.
Antony: You read why I deleted my whole journal right?
Antony: Creep #1: [BLANK]
Antony: Creep #2: [BLANK]
Antony: Creep #3: [BLANK]
Charlene: Okay, when I said you're meeting good people, I meant more like in real life
Antony: er...well, the slope of creepiness is dramatically decreasing...I guess that's an improvement. The creeps probably came to take advantage of me during the years when I was adapting to new-found confidence.
Charlene: And from what I remember when you were in 1st year, you were flanting your body a lot. So getting some unwanted attention
Antony: I was? I thought I wore more clothes than most brock students! The china dresses cover all the way up my neck, and I wore 2-3 layers of stockings that was as thick as jock clothes! Most brock students inspire to be go-go dancers and sexy witches, the jocks just wear a tube top...I BARELY show ANYTHING in comparison.

* * *

Andrea: I showed your model pictures around again haha
Antony: oh no. oh god.
Andrea: this time to Deb. She was like "eating the dolls, thats so annie"
Antony: who's deb? refresh my memory.
Andrea: from burmuda. loud, obnoxious
Antony: is it that school teacher?
Andrea: no, she is your age. deb and mark. two of them came from burmuda
Antony: need photographic references.
Andrea: I dont have any pictures of her
Antony: Seriously, I remember you cos I still talk to you, but I've been away for 2 years, approaching 3 now.
Antony: not to diss anyone, but some just never took action making an impression on me. so in the folder of Deb and Mark, there are 0 files, taking up 0% of memory; taking up approx. 34 bytes for creating a new folder.
Andrea: I think its best that way.

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