I spit on the latest episode of Simpsons!    2005-03-13 15:42:39 ET
The episode about Selma adopting a Chinese orphan predictably contained cheap gags about Mao, the Great Wall of China, monks, people walking around in Chinese gowns, jokes about our stereotyped physical features, satanized Communism, & the 6/4/89 incident. It also says a lot about Americans' deeply rooted insecurity and (may I use the term violently) IGNORANCE. As if stereotyping their Canadian neighbour as dog-sleders and uncultured hicks is not enough of a crime for their lack of education. Not saying the show's writers have to be shackled to historical accuracies, but this immoral portrayal of alien-cultures are no different to school boys making fun of others to reassure their own self esteem.

In conclusion, I never thought the show can sink ever lower, one new episode after another...but this one is really hitting the all-time low. I can't believe this is an international show which is dubbed in more than a dozen of other languages, including Chinese. This episode will give worse impression on the "othered" cultures than dubbing Jackass: The Movie and sending it to Vietnam & India through the UN Ambassador.

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added: Mar. 14th 05
There are those nights that I just want to spontaneously have some fun with whoever I may be interested in. I personally don't pay as much attention to others because I am self centered, so I rely on others' intentions of locating singles (and they ALWAYS do).

But creeps like to think:
Single female dancing by herself = high.
Single female that is smaller than 5'7" = submissive.
Single female interested in sex = skirt lifting permission granted.

me: alright. *shakes hand* --"FUCK - OFF."--

Unless I am out with people I am very comfortable with and is offering me a certain drink, I do not drink. Especially in clubs alone, I never drink. I'll dance for 7 hours on water. People who tries to feed me drinks will get what they deserve (I'll pour a whole bottle of beer in your glass of whiskey).

God knows, I don't think I even try to impress. This guy on the street with his buddies dissed me by screaming, "I won't even do that chics who wear tennis shoes with no socks, black skirt, messy hair and white coat!" (I dont' quite get the joke). Yes, that's how I show up in fetish nights.

Anyway. I hate men who wear suits in club, lacks attention to personality introduction, and dances with a beer in one hand. :lucha: I also don't like women who hops on the bandwagons of alt-homo/bi-sexuality for the sake of looking alt-trendy. I like female platonic companionships, but I would definately hesitate doing the bump n' grind dance with girls in a club. There are many forms of sexual explorations that I'm interested in, but the two-girl thing: damn, I can't imagine diving.

I wonder when I can get off my limbo status so to submit my next set that's inspired to look much like series about Michael Jackson.

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